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About Acousticjus

Acousticjus is a unique line of alcohol free oil based perfumes and related products. First introduced as part of the Soivohle perfumes collection, created by Liz Zorn in 2009.

The original collection was available thru retailers and the Sensual Artistry Perfume Studio in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.

Over the years many of the fragrances have been absorbed into the Soivohle line, while others remained exclusive to the Acousticjus name. 

The line is now transitioning thru a much needed update with new packaging and a new website, the focus will continue to be on  oil based and solid fragrance formulations  that are  alcohol and cruelty free. 

Fragrances that were in the past made with animal derived materials have been updated to exclude and/or replace these materials with vegan friendly  oils.

Inspiration: the original inspiration for this collection has not changed. The desire has always been to create a collection of perfumes that links to Liz's first perfume making experience of creating altar oils for Buddhist Meditation. 

They were simple but intense blends that evoked deep memories and a feeling of connectedness with the earth. 

The perfumes in the Acousticjus line are like little snippets of thoughts and ideas that pass through the mind. They are personal and familiar. 

The opposite really, of what we have come to identify as perfume, and in that regard not perfumes at all, but entities that remind us of who and what we are. 

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